Infra-Red Therapy Plus


Oxygen, energy, light and sound. Four therapies that combine to bring results greater than the sum of its parts. 

Recline on a comfortably supportive therapy table in a relaxing space used exclusively for our Infrared Therapy Plus treatments. 

Your session begins with sound therapy designed to take your brain into Alpha, Theta, or Delta levels using music, tones and environmental sounds. The sounds feel three dimensional as you listen, and as you feel the gentle vibrations of the music in the table itself.

Next is the use of the Sun Ancon Chi Machine. This therapy is used by the medical professionals to improve cellular activity, enhance immune and circulatory function, to balance the nervous system.

The last component of the treatment involves the use of far-infrared light energy. Infrared light penetrates 1 ½ inches into the body making it beneficial for stimulating cellular regeneration, detoxifying (including pre & post surgery), relieving pain, boosting immunity, decreasing inflammation, enhancing blood and lymph circulation, enhancing weight loss...and more. 


Up to 30 minutes - $25
45 minutes - $40 *

*Save $5 per session with the purchase of a 3-session package